TO KNOW #4 | The Organization

Hello the owls, Today, we meet for a new To Know ! We will talk about Organization. This time, it's about global organization, and fast. Let's go ! - The first thing to do is a schedule. Write it in your diary, on a post-it, in your Bullet Journal or others, but don't forget. -… Lire la suite TO KNOW #4 | The Organization


TO KNOW #3 | Stick To Your Resolutions

Hello the owls, We meet today for a new To Know. And we will talk about resolutions. Let's go ! For me, my list of resolutions is rather a list of things to do for the year in question. Nothing extravagant, just a list that I can almost easily keep. One of the first thigs… Lire la suite TO KNOW #3 | Stick To Your Resolutions